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Case Studies

On this page you will find examples of our work. Whilst we cannot guarantee to be able to resolve any case, we may be able to obtain a resolution, as the cases below will show.

Success Stories

Successful receipt of goods after non-delivery

Mr T ordered a soccer helmet online from a website. Mr T made advance payment (£100 for the product + £25.50 shipping cost ) via an online money transfer service. A few weeks later the rest of the price (£165) was paid also via the same money transfer service. The following day Mr T received a confirmation e-mail from the website stating that payment was received and the package was going to be dispatched the next day.

The last e-mail from the website was sent 5 days later stating that the tracking number would be sent soon. The website retailer did not reply to e-mails so Mr T decided he wanted to withdraw from the contract and claim a refund of £265 + £25.50.

Mr. T contacted ECC Hungary who shared the case with us. After contacting the company on behalf of the consumer, Mr. T eventually received the items he had ordered.

Receipt of a full refund for faulty goods

Mr. & Mrs. H  who live in the Republic of Ireland, purchased an electric mop from an online company based in the UK. The mop started displaying signs of faults after only a few months, so Mr. & Mrs. H contacted the seller and the item was replaced with a new one. Unfortunately, the same problem occurred again.  The company offered to replace the item again but Mr and Mrs H were not prepared to accept another replacement, as they felt that the mop was not fit for its intended purpose. They contacted the company but were unable to reach a resolution directly with them so contacted the European Consumer Centre in Ireland for help.

The European Consumer Centre in Ireland shared the case to us and after having contacted the company on behalf of the consumers, Mr & Mrs H then received a full refund of 129.98 Euros.

Refund received for missing items

Ms T ordered from a UK sports equipment company several items.  On this occasion she was informed that 3 items in her order were not available.  Ms T decided to pay the price for the rest of the products. The products were delivered in 3 parcels, one on one day and the other two a few days later. The last two parcels came with a damage delivery note from the transporter and were wrapped in plastic. When she opened the parcels she noticed 16 items were missing from the order - a total value of £103.40. She contacted the transporter by phone and was informed that they will redirect her complaint to their office in UK, but she should make a complaint also to the company who supplied the goods. She wrote to the seller several times, with no result.

Ms T contacted her local ECC office in Romania and the case was shared with the UK ECC.  After the UK ECC contacted the trader on Ms T's behalf the company refunded her 128 EUR to cover the cost of the missing items.