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LuxStyle & Lux International Denmark

Luxstyle ApS and Lux International Sales ApS have been reported to the Danish police over the sending of unsolicited goods along with demands for payments from consumers all over the world.

The ECC-Net and other consumer bodies have received many complaints about this company which concern the advertisement of a number of beauty aids.  

The consumers report that they can only view a price once their address details have been entered on a webform.  It is at this point that the company registers an "order".  Typically the consumers have not given their payment details so an invoice is sent with the goods. 

The company has suggested to the Danish consumer authority that they do not consider their practice to be in violation of any laws. 

We feel that the company has not clearly stated that an order is being placed at the moment the consumer enters their details onto the webform. 

What can you do? 

If you have received an invoice for goods that you haven't ordered then you can call us for advice on 01268 886690 or email details to  

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