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Red Ribbon HeartWith the 14th February fast approaching we anticipate the number of contacts we receive about online dating sites to increase with people looking for love.

If you do decide that Online dating is for you we hope that you will take note of some handy tips to make sure you dont fall foul of any costs you wern't expecting.  

You should be careful when registering with online dating sites and determine that there is not a need to cancel the service after any interim trial period

Terms and conditions may also suggest an automatic renewal for the following month or year that requires you to opt out.   If this is the case then set a reminder to do this before you get charged again.

As with most online services there will be a 14 day cooling off period that is offered but should you use the service within this time you may be charged for this use.

If you have been affected  by this, or any other consumer problem please contact us for advice on 01268 886690 or via email on

For the full press release please click the link - Online Dating 2017 

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