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European Small Claims Procedure

gavel with EU  flag in the backgroundShopping online makes buying bargains possible but sometimes things can go wrong: you may encounter a problem with the goods or with delivery. To avoid difficult, costly and time-consuming legal procedures, the European Small Claims Procedure was set up and has been in operation since 2009 with a €2000 claim limit.  On Friday 14th July this limit will be increased to €5000, a big increase from the current limit!

With the introduction of Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Online Dispute Resolution Platform there are many options for a consumer when they encounter a dispute with a trader in another European country.  With this increase in the claim amount it means that a greater variety of complaint will be able to go through the ESCP and benefit consumers where their disputes have remained unresolved. 

For more advice about the ESCP or any other consumer issue please call our helpline on 01268 886690 or email us on 

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