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Only 52% of UK retailers feel 'confident' to sell online

stars with a fingerUK consumers may be amongst the savviest e-shoppers, but apparently it is a different picture for retailers.


According to the European Commission's 2017 Consumer Condition Scoreboard, many retailers are reluctant to expand their online activities because of concerns over fraud or because they fear they will not get paid when selling cross-border to consumers in other EU countries.  To view the infographic click the link - Consumer Markets Scoreboard 2017


The report shows that different tax rules also make retailers reluctant to venture in cross-border sales. Only about 52% of UK retailers (EU: 58%) felt "confident" to sell online, compared to 80.3% of Greek businesses. 


This is why the Commission has made a proposal to modernise rules for digital contract and to harmonise contract rules for online sales of goods.


At the same time as showing UK retailers' reticence for online sales, the 2017 Consumer Condition Scoreboard also reports that retailers' knowledge of consumer rules (in 2016) has not improved since the previous analysis, in 2014. Only 53.5 % of answers from EU retailers in a survey on basic consumer rights were correct,  with UK retailers scoring 44%).


The European Commissioner for Consumers Věra Jourová said: "My priority has been to improve trust of the people and smaller retailers in the Digital Single Market. Consumers are now more confident when they shop online. And we've equipped them with a quick procedure to get their money back if something goes wrong, even when buying from another country. The challenge now is to encourage more businesses to respond to this growing demand."

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