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Customer survey - December 2017

hand holding pencil ticking boxCustomer satisfaction 

Our customer satisfaction survey is a key tool that allows us to continually improve our service.  It is not possible to be great all of the time so for the times we fall below what you - and we expect, the feedback you provide helps us deliver a worthwhile service.

We will now take a look at a selection of the feedback we have received throughout the past month.

December 17 saw 57 customer survey responses submitted.  Of these respondants, 88% were extremely or very satisfied with the service they received. 

Only 9% of respondants felt that we were unable to help them with their dispute. 


  • Case still ongoing but they have helped the Portuguese authorities acknowledge there may be an issue across the hire car industry
  • Extremely pleased with the service and you helped to resolve my issue very quickly - thank-you.
  • Helpfull and understanding, trying their best to get a result

How we use your feedback 

We often find that most months a few people tell us that we are slow to respond and resolve cases.  We constantly strive to bring down the waiting times for contact from one of our advisors.  This is currently at a max. 8 working days.
We are a service that covers the whole of the UK and with only 7 consumer advisors it can be difficult to reply to and resolve cases in a timely manner.  We continually review our processes to speed up the service we provide.  We are also working better in the initial stages to better inform you of what to expect from our intervention. 


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