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A Day in the Life

Of an advisor. On this page you will find information on a typical day's work of one of our advisors, Laura Fergusson.


After arriving in the office the first thing I do is check my existing cases to see if any comments have been left for me. These will often be questions from other ECCs asking for clarification on a case or offering information about a case following contact from a trader. 

Next I check my to do list to see what jobs and activities have been scheduled for completion.  These tasks often include contacting companies in the UK on behalf of consumers based elsewhere in the EU or Norway or Iceland. Other tasks relate to providing updates to consumers based in the UK regarding their ongoing cases.

In full flow! 

The next job I turn my attention to is assessing the new cases that we have received from other ECCs against UK companies. The cases are assessed based on their legal merit as we are unable to contact traders about complaints that have no legal basis.  Once we have assessed a claim and accepted the case we make contact with the local Trading Standards where the trader is based to make them aware of the complaint that we have received.  This provides Trading Standards with important data about the trading activities of traders within their area.  The next step with these cases will be to make direct contact with the trader so it gets added to our to do list.

Finishing touches 

The final task to be done is to check my emails and post.  Most of the communication we receive will be from consumers.  Some correspondence will be new enquiries from consumers where they require our advice on what rights they might have in their individual situation.  We advise consumers on the rights given to them by law based on the information they give us. We also try to provide practical guidance on the best way for a consumer to pursue a claim themselves.  Some correspondence will be from consumers who have been in contact with us before and maybe they have been unable to resolve a particular problem and need further support from us.  Other correspondence might be replies from businesses to discuss claims we have raised with them.

Lets not forget... 

Our phone lines open from 9am - 5pm so while doing the above activities we are also manning the phone lines. The conumers who phone us will typically have similar queries to the emails and post that we receive.  


Points to Remember

  • Our role is to provide advice and assistance - we cannot compel a company to trade in a certain way.
  • To ensure speedy handling of your case, please have your reference number to hand when contacting us.
  • We can only advise where the company is based in another European country.
  • If your complaint or enquiry falls outside our scope we will always suggest a more appropriate organisation for you to contact.
  • Our remit is to provide advice on law - we cannot advise on how likely your case is to succeed nor can we provide an opinion.
  • We cannot investigate a trader nor close down a trade premises or website.
  • Where we are aware of a breach in criminal consumer law, we will endeavour to inform the relevant authorities.