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Working from Home with UK ECC 

The staff at the UK European Consumer Centre have been working from home since 23 March 2020, at a time where many people are also working from home. Here we bring you Emma's experience of working from home in these challenging and unusual times.

 Hi, my name’s Emma and I am one of the Consumer Advisors for the UK European Consumer Centre. I live at home in Essex with my husband, Dan and our 3 year old daughter, Daisy.  I’m very lucky to be in the company of my family during lockdown and to be able to spend time with them while still being able to do my work from home, as my husband has been furloughed for the time-being.

It has been challenging to work with my little one around as she often wants to sit on my lap and say hi to colleagues during video calls etc…. and her volume control is broken! Haha.  But she has been very good and taken the lockdown in her stride….. better than the rest of us!  She spends most days on our balcony waving and saying hello to passers by!

My husband and daughter do not leave the house at all now and I only go to buy essentials from the local shop or take shopping to my Mum (who is high risk and totally housebound), and talk to her through the window, or from the end of her path.  It's very hard but will be worth it in the end.

I now have a small office space in the corner of the living room (thanks to my husband moving his CB radios elsewhere for the time being!) with a small desk and plenty of natural light so I can work comfortably but still be on hand for my family, thanks to the flexibility I have been given to work at hours that suit (within reason) as long as I make my working day, it can be spread over the evening too if necessary.

My employer, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, has purchased laptops for us to enable the team to work in the safety of their homes and not have to travel to and from the office.  They have arranged access to all of our usual online resources, email service, and software that we would have in the office, to enable us to continue to provide the same level of service and advice that we can from the office.

We send our best wishes to everyone in this terrible time and hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well, and look forward to the new freedom we will have when this is all over.



Points to Remember

  • Our role is to provide advice and assistance - we cannot compel a company to trade in a certain way.
  • To ensure speedy handling of your case, please have your reference number to hand when contacting us.
  • We can only advise where the company is based in another European country.
  • If your complaint or enquiry falls outside our scope we will always suggest a more appropriate organisation for you to contact.
  • Our remit is to provide advice on law - we cannot advise on how likely your case is to succeed nor can we provide an opinion.
  • We cannot investigate a trader nor close down a trade premises or website.
  • Where we are aware of a breach in criminal consumer law, we will endeavour to inform the relevant authorities.