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Media Round Up - 2nd Quarter 2018

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The UK ECC has maintained its media profile throughout the second quarter of 2018 with several articles in national publications using contributions from the consumer advice organisation.

The Daily Mail’s This Is Money website covered the story that the UK ECC welcomed the news from the UK’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) that it was launching its first direct action again car hire companies across Europe. The UK ECC told the Daily Mail that the enforcement action followed extensive complaints from people encountering hidden costs on collection of their car at the airport abroad. The businesses are based in European countries but selling directly to UK customers online.  Click the link to read the article - Three more firms pledge to end the car hire rip-off

The Daily Mirror also covered a car hire story and included contact details for the UK European Consumer Centre for consumers who need help with cross-border car hire complaints.  Click the link to read the article - Car hire - how to make sure you aren't ripped off

A BBC News Business website article did a story about the fall-out from consumer problems and included coverage of a UK ECC story that women are less likely than men to come forward and make a cross-border complaint. Click the link to read the article - Shoddy trade work causes knock-on costs

Links to the UK ECC’s website and its ‘Contact Us’ sections have appeared on various websites such as Travel Supermarket (about your rights disputing car hire charges). Click the link to read the article - Disputing car hire charges

And our comments or contact details were added to articles including car hire, subscriptions and faulty products in publications such as the Saga Magazine, Computeractive and Which? Travel.

Check out our car hire tips and our Subscription traps checklist if you have ordered samples or accepted an offer which has led to being stuck in a subscription trap. Or look at our advice on how to write a good complaint letter if you need some help in complaining.

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