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What are the new Package Travel rules?  Listen here:

Hear consumer advisor Adam Mortimer from the UK European Consumer Centre explain the key things for listeners to BBC Radio Ulster to take away from the implementation of the new Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations.

The UK ECC has welcomed news that more UK holidaymakers are to get protection when they book holidays, as changes were introduced on 1 July 2018 to bring consumer protection for holidays up to date with developments in the travel market.

The new rules will cover two types of contracts: package deals (pre-arranged by tour organisers or customised by the traveller) and 'linked travel arrangements'.  

Under the new rules, package holidays consist of two or more travel services - such as flights, accommodation, car hire or other tourist services such as guided tours - bought from one single trader or offered by travel agents with different traders at a total price.

‘Linked travel arrangements’ (the concept of which is introduced by the new rules) is where the consumer, having booked one travel service on one website, is invited to book another service through a link. The new rules offer insolvency protection in some circumstances and provided that the second online booking is made within 24 hours. 

Listen to Adam's interview (until 15 August 2018 inclusive) for more information and check out the Package Travel Directive consumer topics page on the UK ECC website. 

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