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Ryanair - Recent Flight Cancellations

Airport flight information board

Ryanair have announced that they would be cancelling 40-50 flights per day up until 20 September 2017 and more for the next few weeks.  This is due to a backlog of holidays that they need to fulfil with their staff.

This means that passengers will either be left unable to get to their destination or even worse, not be able to get home from their trip.

If your flight is cancelled then you may be entitled to compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004.  This legislation protects consumers when their flights are cancelled.

It states that when a flight is cancelled the airline have to offer a refund of the flight or offer re-routing to their final destination.  Your right to compensation depends on when the airline have informed you of the cancellation. 

If you find yourself in another country, not able to get home you should keep receipts for any associated expenses, like hotel costs as you may be able to claim these back once they manage to get you home.

Should you be personally affected by the cancellations you can contact us for further advice on 01268 886690 or email  


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