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Subscription trap - Case Study

The word contract under a magnifying glassThis is the scenario of a typical subscription trap case at the UK ECC. 
Mr S bought a trial supplement online early in 2017.  He didn't read the terms and conditions and it seems that there was an ongoing subscription.  He made two payments and received two lots of goods. The trader then deducted a third payment but Mr S said he did not receive the goods associated with this sum.
Mr S asked his bank to recover the third payment, which was successful, and the contract with the trader was cancelled. The trader than demanded payment for the third parcel but was unable to provide proof of delivery.
Mr S contacted us at the UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) for help.
Action taken by the UK ECC
The case was shared with the ECC in France who made contact with the trader very quickly. The trader advised that the consumer had ordered two months renewal but also said that the package
had been returned.  The trader then agreed to cancel the payment request and the subscription.
This was achieved within six days of the consumer contacting the UK European Consumer Centre.

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