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A day in the life of a legal executive

Balloons with decals of the UK ECC happy birthday onWhen I embarked on my new role as legal executive at the UK ECC I could not have forseen the range of impacts that we, as a centre, would have on consumers and consumer policies over the next 10 years.


Not only has our team responded to over 50,000 cross-border issues raised by our customers (with a number of success stories including negotiating refunds and compensation), but we have also made significant contributions to improving the laws governing cross-border disputes. We have done this through consultation papers, workshops and projects/campaigns nationally and internationally as well as the streamlining of process by which consumers can gain redress. 

Laws which have been substantially improved with our input include: the streamlining of the online distance-selling laws; broadening of timeshare legislation to close common loopholes; the expansion of the Sale of Goods and services related legislation to include statutory rights for digital content and enhanced enforcement powers.  In addition to this, our centre has taken a leading role in the Alternative Dispute Resolution world: our centre has overseen the UK launch of a new tool for online purchases, the Online Dispute Resolution platform, which allows customers to initiate and resolve disputes across the EU following a strict timeline.

The last 10 years have gone quickly. I remember our inauguration as if it were yesterday. We started as a team of four and have evolved into a cohesive team of 12 covering a variety of services. I think we have done our part to improve the UK consumer landscape, boosting consumers’ confidence to make cross-border purchases.

By Elisabetta Sciallis, UK European Consumer Centre legal executive 

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