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Revamped newsletter appeals to social media users

Morph characters on a social media meter buttonIncreased social networking in Great Britain has driven consumer advice organisation UK European Consumer Centre to put social media platforms at the heart of a fresh look at its Your Update enewsletter.


Figures show that 96% of 16 to 24-year olds and 88% of 25 to 34-year olds used social networks in 2017, with social networking being widespread in all age groups.


Andy Allen, UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) Director, said: “Use of the internet for social networking continues to grow and has become part of many adults’ everyday lives. Social networking is widespread in age groups up to and including those aged 55 to 64, where 51% of adults reported use in 2017, but particularly under the age of 45.


“The UK ECC gets far more older consumers ask for our help – more than 61% of people who contact us are over the age of 50 and we want to reach out to younger consumers. An ideal way of doing this is by making the most of social networks.


“We already issue regular enewsletters but were aware that the format we had used in the past – pdfs – wasn’t very user-friendly for social media. We don’t want to turn younger consumers off and so we have revamped our enewsletter to be more suitable for social networks.”


Social networking figures are taken from the Office of National Statistics Internet Access reports

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