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Tablet showing an online tv subscription on it.Have you ever wondered why you were not able to watch a movie from your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription when you travel outside of the UK?  This is down to something called Geo-blocking. 

Geo-blocking is when Companies apply barriers and impose restrictions to consumers on the basis of their nationality or place of residence.

This is why when you try and log in to your profile in another country in knows you are not in your home country and blocks your access.

As of the 20th March 2018, when you visit another EU member country you can now use your paid subscriptions for streaming films, TV and music just like you would at home.  These new regulations only apply to temporary stays in another EU member country.

Unfortunately what happens after Brexit for us in the UK is anyone's guess.  We can only hope that perks like the abolishment of Geo-blocking and EU mobile roaming will stay to benefit UK consumers travelling in the EU.

If you have a problem with a purchase of goods or services in the EU then you can get free advice and assistance from the European Consumer Centre on 01268 886690 or 

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