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Calm your travel worries with advice from the UK ECC


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Five steps to smoothing your travel worries . . .

Travel in the EU always accounts for a sizeable portion of cases handled by the UK European Consumer Centre. The UK ECC is promoting a range of tools to help smooth those travel plans.

Transport in particular is one of the most complained about sectors by consumers asking the UK ECC for in-depth help and as such gives UK consumers some of the biggest headaches. Included within the transport category are such subjects as passenger transport by air, car rental and luggage transport by air.

So, for UK consumers, here are the five steps to smoothing your travel worries:

Andy Allen, UK ECC service director, said: “One of the UK ECC’s key goals is to raise awareness amongst consumers about their rights and duties under EU laws when buying goods and services within the EU’s single market. With summer approaching, we want to make sure that UK consumers know what to do if something goes wrong on holiday, in particular with their travel plans. As any seasoned traveller knows: you need to be able to stay cool and express your consumer rights even when on holiday.

“It’s easy for consumers to be in ‘holiday mode’ and for their usual instincts to go out of the window. In fact, there are lots of difficult situations any traveller may encounter during a journey abroad: from picking up a rental car that is more expensive than agreed to finding out that a hotel room booked from home is unavailable - we've seen it all happen, haven't we? UK consumers need to remember to download ECC-Net Travel App now before going on holiday.”

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Want to know more about the ECC-Net Travel App?

It’s developed by the European Consumer Centre Network (of which the UK ECC is part) and is a free mobile Travel App. It’s there to instantly give travellers a helping hand if they find themselves in a sticky ‘consumer rights’ situation and to take some of the stress out of the situation. It provides all the necessary legal information in their own language and comes up with the best possible arguments to handle their specific situation.

The easy to download ECC-Net: Travel App, which works offline, helps consumers know and express their consumer rights in 25 European languages*. It is a pocket version of an all-in-one legal counsellor and personal interpreter.


How does the app work?

After selecting the country and the type of situation (travel, car rental, hotel…), the app will not only specify a traveller’s consumer rights but it will also help the consumer to be able to present those rights in the chosen language.

The ECC-Net: Travel App is available for mobile devices with iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows operating systems and it can be downloaded in the Apple app store (for iOS), in the Google Playstore (for Android) and in the Windows Apps+GamesStore (for Windows Phone). 


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