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With summer looking like it has already arrived, festival season is upon us and many consumers are looking to snap up tickets for a great price.  Also, with high profile sporting events and concerts coming up now is the time when people will be buying tickets.

Buying tickets can be problematic due to the secondary ticket market.  This is where companies run websites dedicated to selling tickets for sold out events, often at increased prices.  In the recent budget the Government is going to crack down on these websites, allowing the enforcement authorities more powers to fine these companies where they are not being clear with the real details of the tickets they are selling.

Where should I buy my tickets from?

Ideally you should buy tickets direct from the organiser or their authorised representative to ensure they are the real deal.

But what happens if you can’t do this?

Sometimes it’s inevitable that consumers will have to dip into the secondary ticket market if you really want to see your favourite team or artist, if the event is sold out through the authorised sellers.  These websites may claim to specialise in tickets for sold out events but you will find that the prices are much higher than normal.

Many ticket sellers have authorised secondary ticket sale sites where people who have already bought tickets can resell them onto prospective buyers.  This may be because they are no longer able to go to the event.  Often the prices of these tickets are much higher than the face value, based on the demand for them.

What can you do?

We recommend that when buying event tickets you use a credit card as you may be better protected through your card provider if there is a problem with the purchase.  This applies when the ticket price is over £100.  If the tickets are under £100 then you could still have protection via your debit card under the Visa Chargeback scheme although this is not something that all banks subscribe too.

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