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Changes are being introduced to bring consumer protection for holidays up to date with developments in the travel market. 

The widening of the package travel rules means that travellers will have more options to cancel a contract and get clear advance information on who is ultimately responsible if something goes wrong. 

The new Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations will apply across the EU from Sunday 1 July (2018): it means that package holidays consisting of a flight, hotel, car-hire or other tourist services (either bought online for an all-in price or through linked webpages) will get the same protection as packages bought in travel agencies.

What do the new Regulations mean for consumers?

The new Package Travel rules mean that there will be:

  • More predictable prices
  • Stronger cancellation rights
  • Clear identification of the liable party
  • Clear liability for booking mistake
  • Clarification on essential consumer rights
  • Guarantees of money-back and repatriation 

We have updated our website advice to reflect these changes to the law, which can be viewed here New Package Travel

The UK ECC Director, Andy Allen says a few words about the update to the regulations.

Our colleagues at ECC Italy have also produced a great video on the key changes to the Regulations, which can be viewed below


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