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Brits go without travel insurance

Nearly two-fifths (38%) of British holidaymakers who are going abroad this summer do not have travel insurance for their trip yet, according to ABTA – The Travel Association. 
The research shows that 8.6 million British holidaymakers could be putting themselves at risk of paying substantial medical or repatriation costs if they fall ill or hurt themselves abroad, and may even risk a delay in treatment. 
It also reveals that just over one in five (21%) holidaymakers said they travelled without insurance in the last year. Of these people, over a third (37%) said they didn’t think they needed travel insurance and more than a quarter (28%) said it was a risk they were willing to take. 
Now ABTA is joining forces with the Foreign Office to encourage holidaymakers to take out travel insurance as soon as they book their holiday, making sure that the insurance covers any medical conditions or activities they plan to do. ABTA is also advising travellers to keep a copy of the policy number and insurer’s contact details with them at all times while they are away. 

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