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Survey Results - November 2017

hand holding pencil ticking boxOur customer satisfaction survey is very important to us and our continued efforts in providing a great experience for anyone that contacts us.  Below is a selection of the past Months comments and some key information taken form the feedback form

November saw us receive 54 responses to our survey form. 


  • "I was able to speak to a human being straight away who was knowledgeable about her job who offered every assistance and explained everything that was relevant. It has been an extremely long time since I have had this kind of Customer Service."

  • "Very grateful for the UK European Consumer Centre in pursuing my refund (Adam Mortimer). It has taken nine months but that is not the fault of the UK ECC it is the company in France who refused to give a refund who did everything possible to avoid refunding my money."
  • "Excellent service, its good to find someone you can trust instead of other sites only interested in what money the can get from you, when you research deeper into some of these fly by night companies you find there fingers are in many pies."

Estimated value of amount recovered

£1672 was recovered on behalf of consumers who completed the survey.  (4 of the 54 respondants replied to this question on the survey) 

Overall satisfaction 

85% of all respondants felt extremely or very satisfied with the service they received with 88% finding it easy very to contact us. 


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