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The UK European Consumer Centre works hard to make the service you receive the best it can be.  We do this by setting targets in all aspects of the service you recieve

Customer service targets

As part of our customer service policies and procedures we place targets on certain areas of our service that we deliver to you.  These targets are adjusted yearly to make sure that we are continually providing the best customer experience possible.  The areas that we target our front line staff on are below:

Customer satisfaction survey

On a monthly basis the customer satisfaction surveys are reviewed and all that have a satisfied outcome are grouped together.  The target we set is to acheive an 85% satisfaction rate over the year.  As of the first half of 2018 we are at 84%

The expected amount of people who should receive the request to complete the survey is 7147.  So far this year (2018) 11554 have received the request. 

Call Answering

We strive to answer 80% of all of our inbound calls within 20 seconds.  So far this year (2018) we have answered  of all calls within 20 seconds and are above target.

Lost calls 

As a small contact centre, unanswered (lost) calls are inevitable, however we have set targets to ensure that we are losing as few calls as possible. To ensure that we are answering our calls, we regularly monitor our lost call rate and the busiest times of day. We then have more staff answering calls when we expect to be busy.

We have set our target for lost calls at 10%. This means that of all the calls we receive, we aim to lose no more than 10%. For the first half of 2018 our lost call rate was 

Operational targets 

As well as our own internal targets we also have targets set out by our co-funder, the European Commission.  These relate to the amount of contacts we receive and the amount of cases we handle within our network.  These figures increase every year as we see a steady rise in the use of the ECC-Net.  We deal with 2 types of contacts, Questions and Complaints

  • An Question is any consumer who contacts us to get advice, regardless of where they, or the trader are based.  
  • A complaint is where we receive a case against a UK trader from one of our counterpart offices from the ECC-Net or where a UK consumer has a complaint against a trader in the EU.
In 2018 the expected amount of quesions to be handled is 5276.  So far (first half 2018) we have handled 4310.
In 2018 the expected amount of complaints to be handled is 1670.  So far (first half 2018) we have handled 5275. 

In 2018 we are expected to close no more than 15% of cases without a positive outcome.  So far in 2018 we have closed 7% of cases without a positive solution.

Other quality monitoring

As well as numerical targets we also have quality monitoring on the calls and cases we work on.  The supervisory team will look at all aspects of the customer service, call structure, Data gathering and legal advice.  This is then discussed to outline areas for improvement or commend good work. 

To view the full Quality Assurance Report 2017 pease click the link - QAS 2017  

How to contact us 

Our telephone lines are open Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm 

Telephone Number:

+44(0)1268 886 690

Email Address:

To save duplicate cases being created please only send us one email per issue.  If you need to send more please contact us. 

Postal Address:

UK European Consumer Centre
Chartered Trading Standards Institute
1 Sylvan Court
Sylvan Way
Southfields Business Park
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Please note that the UK European Consumer Centre does not offer a drop-in service.

Fax Number:

+44(0)1268 582 225


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We have achieved the Customer Service Excellence accreditation. Please click here for further information

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