The free mobile application for European consumers when travelling abroad.

The ECC Net Travel App a travel companion inside the European Union as well as in Iceland and Norway. It helps consumers to overcome difficult situations on their holiday abroad and to exercise and express their consumer rights in the language of their destination country.

With this App, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) provides assistance - in 23 official EU languages as well as Norwegian and Icelandic – in total 25 languages. Consumers will receive information about their rights for typical situations and relevant phrases in the language of their holiday destination.

The app alsoprovides the contact details of every ECC incase your specific query is not covered.

And best of all....... This App is FREE and works offline which means that you don't need to be online once the App is installed on the smartphone.

To download the app click the links below.

Download the ECC-Net: Travel app for Apple

Download the ECC-Net: Travel app for Android

Download the ECC-Net: Travel app for Windows