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Online shopping

The European Consumer Centre offers free consumer advice that will help you stay out of trouble when shopping in the EU.

For free consumer advice call us on 01268 886690

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Online Consumer Advice

If you have a problem with your purchase in another EU country and cannot resolve it with the trader, check your consumer rights.

For free consumer advice call us on 01268 886690

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    Online platform to assist consumers in resolving disputes.

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    Rights to return goods when purchased online.

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Need Consumer Advice? 

The UKECC can offer free help and advice to consumers who have purchased goods and services in another European Country.

If you want to submit a complaint against a trader based in another European Country why dont you contact us.

As we only give advice and assistance we cannot force a trader to give the consumer what they want if, ultimately they refuse to do so. We can however then go on to advise the consumer of any other steps they could take to enforce their consumer rights.  

If you need advice please contact us on 01268 886690. The centre is open between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.