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Meet The Team 

On this page you will find information on the people in our team who work to inform you of your consumer rights across Europe.  

Click on their name to find out a bit more about them.


Andrew AllenAndy Allen, Director is responsible for the running of the centre.

Elisabetta Sciallis, Executive provides in-house legal advice 

Jane Negus Jane Negus, Executive for Services Directive and ADR 

Support Staff

 Susan Tolman, Comunications officer is responsible for media and promo 

 Eve Brown, Administrative assistant for the European Consumer Centre.


Our advisors provide the front-line advice service so if you get in touch with us, you are likely to speak to one of them.

Adam Mortimer Adam Mortimer

 Sonia Payne

Laura Johnston Laura Johnston-on mat leave

 Lorna Newton

Emma Drury Emma Drury 

Wojtek Szczerba Wojtek Szczerba

 Louise Savage