Buying a service, either in person or online brings certain expectations that thework will be carried out to an acceptable standard.  Companies have to abide by strict legislation when it comes to these factors.

Consumer Contracts for Services.

Consumers can expect that the service will be in conformity with the core rights:

Service to be performed with reasonable care and skill.

Every service must be carried out by the company using reasonable care and skill.

Supplied information about the service is binding

Everything that is said or written by the company is treated as a term of the contract if:

  • the consumer uses this information when entering the contract
  • the consumer uses this information when making any decisions after the contract is agreed
Reasonable price to be paid for the service

A consumer must pay a reasonable price for the service and no more if the contract does not fix a price in the first place

Service to be performed within a reasonable time

The company must perform the service in a reasonable time unless the contract fixes a time period in which the work will be completed.

Suitable Remedies

A consumer has the posibility to determine how they are remedied under the Act.

Right to repeat performace

The consumer can request the trader to perform the service again to make it a suitable standard of work.  If the consumer requests this the trader must:

  • remedy the work in a reasonable time
  • bear any extra costs including materials

The consumer cannot force repeat performance if this is impossible.

Right to price reduction

The consumer can request a refund up to the full amount of the purchase price with an amount that is appropriate to the problem.  The consumer can use this when:

  • they cannot request repeat performance
  • they have requested repeat performance but this hasnt been completed in a reasonable time

When the trader agrees to a refund it must be paid within 14 days.

Further assistance

This is intended as a rough guide to your rights - for more specific advice please contact us.