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Letter Template: Timeshare Cancellation

This template is best suited for use when you have a timeshare contract that was signed many years ago and has no documented end date (in perpetuity).


Guidance for Using this Template Letter

  • Copy and paste the template below into your preferred document software.
  • Anything inside a bracket ( ) should be replaced with the stated information.  
  • Any reasons that do not apply to you should be deleted as appropriate.
  • We would suggest that your letter is sent registered delivery so that you know the company have received it.  We also find that this makes the complaint more formal.


Important information

This template letter is designed to be a formal request for your timeshare provider to release you from the contract. More often than not the contract will not have a ‘get out’ clause so the cancellation request could be met with a negative response and a request for payment of outstanding maintenance fees.  If you find that the timeshare provider refuses your request, they may be able to take you to court to honour the contract. It is common for a timeshare provider to threaten legal action or pass the debt on to a collection agent if you stop payment of the yearly fees.  In our experience it is very unusual for these threats to be followed up through the courts when someone has cancelled their contract outside of any cooling off period.


Cancel Timeshare Contract Sample Letter

(Your Name)

(Address line 1)

(Address line 2)

(Address line 3)


(Company Name)

(Address line 1)

(Address Line 2)

(Address line 3)


Dear Sir or Madam,

RE: (contract number/receipt number/invoice number)

On the (add date) I purchased a Timeshare from you, for use between (week/period) at the (resort name and location).

Due to a change in circumstances I would now like to cancel this contract and remove any further liability to pay the yearly maintenance fees.  A variety of factors have contributed towards this request to cancel: **delete bullets as appropriate**

  • Increased yearly fees that have become unaffordable
  • Inability to travel to the destination due to (age/illness)
  • The timeshare is not what it was originally sold to me as
  • I don’t want to pass the financial burden on to my family
  • I’m no longer with my partner

Please rescind my contract with immediate effect and provide a written confirmation.

I would appreciate your prompt response but request a reply to be provided within 14 days of receipt of this letter.


Yours faithfully

(Your Name)
(email address)

If you would like to download this template letter as a word document please click here - Timeshare Cancellation template letter