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Complaint Letter Templates

Here, you can find links to downloadable Complaint Letter Templates for a selection of our most common queries. If you can't find a template for the problem you're experiencing, please see our Guide to Writing an Effective Complaint LetterFor further advice on your Consumer Rights, please see our list of Consumer Topics - or for advice on a specific query, please Contact UKICC



PLEASE NOTE: If you have been asked by one of our advisors to fill out a PoA - to allow us to mediate with the trader on your behalf - please download one of the following attachments: Word PoA | PDF PoA


Guidance for Using these Template Letters

  • Anything inside a bracket ( ) should be replaced with the stated information.  
  • Any reasons that do not apply to you should be deleted as appropriate.
  • We would suggest that your letter is sent registered delivery so that you know the company have received it.  We also find that this makes the complaint more formal.