UKICC | The UK International Consumer Centre

You Said... We Did


As part of our commitment to the continued development of our service, we closely monitor the feedback we receive and look for ways that we can improve the overall experience for the consumer. 


You Said:  "Provide help with problems in non-EU countries"

We now provide advice and assistance in relation to consumer problems all over the world, and not just the EU. We are constantly working on building our relationships with consumer organisations in other countries, and these relationships ultimately benefit the public by providing an efficient and free means of resolving disputes.

You Said: "Responses are too slow"

Whilst still experiencing delays we have taken the following step that, in the medium terms: 

1) We have now recruited back to full capacity and are rapidly training our new advisors to help deal with the ongoing  workload and reduce our delays and backlogs.

2) Introduced significant self-help information, on your consumer legal rights and on practical advice and how to take the next steps in pursuing a complaint.  It is hoped this will allow many service users to help themselves, both speeding up the resolution of ther own issues and freeing up our capacity to help others.