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Letter Template: Delayed or Cancelled Flight

This template is best suited for use when your scheduled flight arrival has been exceeded by 3 or more hours, either through a flight delay or an outright cancellation.


Guidance for Using this Template Letter

  • Please view this link to find out how much compensation you may be entitled to for inclusion in the letter: Flight Rights Calculator
  • If you have any claim for meals and refreshments or overnight accommodation the receipts should be submitted with your letter.
  • Anything inside a bracket ( ) should be replaced with the stated information.
  • Any reasons that do not apply to you should be deleted as appropriate.
  • We would suggest that your letter is sent registered delivery so that you know the Airline have received it.  We also find that this makes the complaint more formal.


Delayed/Cancelled Flight Sample Letter


(Your name)

(Address line 1)

(Address line 2)

(Address line 3)

(Company name)

(Address line 1)

(Address Line 2)

(Address line 3)

(Insert Date)


Dear Sir or Madam,


RE: (Booking Reference and Passenger Names)


On (add date) I was due to fly with you from (add departure location) to (add arrival destination) on flight (add flight number).

My flight was **delete as appropriate** delayed/cancelled and as a result I was delayed by (add number of hours) to my final destination.

When a flight is delayed or cancelled, I am entitled to claim a refund or re-routing to my final destination.  I am also entitled to assistance at the airport.  This includes:


  • Meals and refreshments
  • Overnight accommodation if the re-routed flight is the next day as well as transport to and from the airport


I am also entitled to claim a fixed sum of compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004, in this case the amount I am entitled to is €(add compensation figure from search) per passenger.

I would appreciate your prompt response but request a reply to be provided within 14 days of receipt of this letter.


Yours faithfully


(Your Name)
(email address)


If you would like to download this template letter as a word document please click here - Delayed/Cancelled flight compensation sample letter