We aim to equip consumers with the knowledge of their legal rights, where they have experienced issues with a business. We also provide tools and assistance to help consumers resolve their disputes with businesses. 

Useful Links

Where we are not able to assist or where there may be another organisation best placed to advise we will provide contact details of the organisations.  

Provided here are details of various organisations within the UK and Europe who may also be able to provide additional advice, assistance and information.

Complaint Letter Templates

The first step, where there is an issue with a business, is to write a formal letter of complaint advising the company of your consumer rights and asking them to provide a resolution.  

To make this process simpler, you will find links to template letters for a selection of our most popular queries here. If there is no link for your query, one of advisors will be happy to discuss your legal rights with you and advise on the next steps.

Travel App

Consumers can now download our app for free to use whilst travelling within the EU, Iceland and Norway.  

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) provides advice and assistance via the app in a total of 25 languages - 23 official EU languages, as well as Norwegian and Icelandic. Consumers can also receive information about their rights for typical situations and relevant phrases in the language of their holiday destination to assist in the communication process with the trader. The app also provides the contact details of every European Consumer Centre in case you require more specific advice or assistance.  

This App is FREE and works offline, which means you do not need access to the internet once the App is installed on the smartphone.