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Customer Satisfaction Survey


August 2022 Survey Results:


Our satisfaction rate for August 2022 is 91%with 74.5% of consumers reporting that they were either very or extremely satisfied.


The UKICC recovered an average of £488 per consumer for the month of August. 


92% of consumers rated the professionalism of our service as good, with 86% of people rating the listening skills of our advisors either extremely or very good.


Consumer comments:


My contact was Emma Drury-Laker. She was excellent and went beyond what I had asked to provide further information that is of use to me. She was sympathetic, interested and efficient. Couldn't be better!”


My dispute was ended very quickly, I don't know if I could have finished it without the first class help and advice I received, but, I have no doubt that it speeded things up immensely.


“They came across as extremely knowledgeable, answered all my questions very quickly and easy to understand. Very impressive, professional, friendly service.


Your staff are incredibly patient and comforting, great attributes for stressful situations.”



View full August report here. Please note some information is unavailable. This is to protect the identity of the individuals.


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