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Customer Satisfaction Survey


September 2022 Survey Results:


Our satisfaction rate for September 2022 is 87%with 79% of consumers reporting that they were either very or extremely satisfied.


The UKICC recovered an average of £961 per consumer for the month of September. 


91% of consumers rated the politeness and professionalism of our service as good, with 86% of people rating that they thought the advisors understanding of their situation and the information provided was either extremely or very good.


Consumer comments:


Very helpful and understanding. Great knowledge and advice on what to do next.


“Thanks very much to Clever Muringi, who was very helpful, informative, efficient and understanding.”


Good empathy and understanding of the issue.”


I can’t thank you enough. The level of knowledge and advice I was given was absolutely fantastic. I resolved my issue, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without your advice. I was very worried and you put me at ease immediately. Thank you so much.”



View full September report here. Please note some information is unavailable. This is to protect the identity of the individuals.


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