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Customer Satisfaction Survey


December 2022 Survey Results:


Our satisfaction rate for December 2022 is 81%with 52% of consumers reporting that they were either very or extremely satisfied.


The UKICC recovered an average of £78 per consumer for the month of December. 


95% of consumers rated the politeness and friendliness of our advisors as good, with 79% of people saying the knowledge of our advisors was either extremely or very good.


Consumer comments:


Just to say that I would rate them as absolutely BRILLIANT!.


“It was the first time anyone been able to help at all, and that was a wonderful moment for me.”


UK International Consumer Centre has given me new hope with my issue.”


I followed advice given and within hours was given my money back!”


View full December report here. Please note some information is unavailable. This is to protect the identity of the individuals.


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