April 2022 Survey Results:


Our satisfaction rate for April 2022 is 91%with 76% of consumers reporting that they were either very or extremely satisfied.


The UKICC recovered an average of £749 per consumer for the month of April. 


100% of consumers rated our friendliness good, with 89% of people rating the professionalism of the advisors either extremely or very good.


Consumer comments:


I already knew my rights but had not been able to resolve the problem in 2 years; you resolved it in a matter of days!


During the time I have been in contact with UK ICC I have suffered a number of personal traumas. The staff at UK ICC (Saber Uddin deserves a special mention here) have been proactive - at times when I have had other things going on - in contacting me, reminding me of the evidence I still needed to make my case, and to explain what I needed to do. I'm very grateful for that support.”


The agent was Respectful and understood the situation. She inspires confidence


Emma was very quick at responding to my telephone call. Extremely knowledgeable lady and a pleasure to deal with, I hope that my problem does get resolved quickly


My dispute is still ongoing, although the agents I have emailed have helped me very much, and can see this being resolved quickly



View full April report here. Please note some information is unavailable. This is to protect the identity of the individuals.


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