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Timeshare Resale and Claims


If you have, or have had, a timeshare, you may receive an unsolicited call from a company claiming to be able to resell this for you or reclaim large sums of money for a "missold" timeshare. They may at this stage ask you for money up front to pay for their service or to release funds they claim to have already secured. If you query this you may be told it can't be taken from the balance. There is rarely a buyer and you may not hear from the company again, but, even worse, they will likely pass your details to other claims or resale companies for them to try and contact you as well!

They may claim to have a court case pending or complete with money waiting.  Usual tactics of money upfront will be requested.  

There are many scams operating in this sector and we always advise people to be wary of the following:

  • Being contacted out of the blue
  • If the offer sounds too good to be true
  • Being asked to pay money upfront
  • Being given deadlines in relation to the offer.