UKICC - consumer complaints about traders in non-EU countries.

The USA tops the list of non-EU countries for traders complained about by UK consumers, according to the UK International Consumer Centre’s 1st quarter 2022 data report.

Just over a quarter of the UK consumers’ non-EU cases handled by the UKICC concern disputes with US traders. This is followed by complaints about traders in China and thirdly, Switzerland.

Other countries in the ‘non-EU top 10’ include Hong Kong, Turkey, Australia, India, Singapore and UAE.

The news comes as the UKICC confirms that the number of cases it receives from UK consumers about non-EU traders has been steadily rising over the past year.

Andy Allen, Service Director at the UK International Consumer Centre, said: “Rather than just give free advice and help to UK consumers experiencing problems with EU traders – as it was mainly when the UKICC was part of the European Consumer Centre network – the centre now has a much bigger portfolio of countries it has working relationships with. It means that, in total, we have relationships with almost 40 countries.

“In the first three months of 2022, we received more enquiries from UK consumers who have problems with traders in the USA than anywhere else outside the EU so it’s good news that we have built up a relationship with an organisation based in the US which can provide advice on complaints about businesses located there.

“It gives UK residents the reassurance that if something goes wrong with a purchase from an American trader, they have got backing from a consumer organisation like the UKICC via our relationship with the Better Business Bureau.”