Case studies are a good way of showing what happens when you contact us at the UK ECC.  They also provide some insight into the processes that we take to provide assistance when you have a dispute. 

The consumer has a problem!

Mr P from Hungary contacted our colleagues at ECC Hungary due to a problem with a hire car from a company in the UK.  During the journey to return the car at the end of the hire, Mr P got a puncture so had no choice but to return to the rental premesis on the spare wheel.  A charge of £400 was later levied for the repair of the puncture, which Mr P felt was excessive.

Mr P contacted our colleagues in Hungary and they provided some advice.  They felt that the ECC-Net could contact the company to ask them to reconsider the costs.

Next step - Legal Assessment

The case was shared with the UK ECC and we decided to send this case straight to the trader's Altervative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body for consideration in the conciliation process (for more information about ADR and ODR click here - ADR/ODR).  The ADR Body contacted the hire company on behalf of Mr P and the response suggested that the £400 charge was an excess amount and there was an oversight in the charge.  The repair of the tyre cost £126.81 so an immediate refund of £273.19 was made to Mr P.

Self-help section

We understand that it can be difficult to find the time to contact us, it is possible to help yourself out of a sticky situation.  For more information about car rental please visit our page - Car hire in Europe for an over view of your consumer rights and tips for what to expect pre, during and post hire.

If all else fails contact us for free advice and assistance on 01268 886690 or