Indian summer is a distant memory! Before you venture out on snowy roads in the EU anytime this winter, then you need to know whether you are obliged to use winter tyres or not.

It's not as straightforward as simply saying 'is it snowy or not?' however. In some countries winter tyres are legally required between certain dates, in others they are mandatory "if weather conditions so require", in a few they are only mandatory if there is a specific road sign and in others they are not mandatory at all.

Before you risk breaking the law or worse, being involved in an accident (which may have insurance questions if you are not following the law), it is better to know in which countries winter tyres are mandatory.

The European Consumer Centre Network has published a study, led by ECC France and ECC Germany, on mandatory equipment for travel during winter in the 28 countries of the European Union, plus Iceland and Norway.

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