Case studies are a good way of showing what happens when you contact us at the UK ECC.  They also provide some insight into the processes that we take to provide assistance when you have a dispute.  

The consumer has a problem!

A UK lady bought some dog food from a German seller online. To her surprise, when she opened one of the cans, she found ‘human fingers’ inside. She contacted the UK ECC in order to report the matter.

Andy Allen, service director at the UK ECC, said: “The case was an interesting one as the consumer simply wanted to report the matter. We informed our counterpart office in Germany so that they could make contact with the local authorities to make a formal report.

“Understandably, the consumer did not want to store the offending items in her own fridge, but realised that the fingers could be important evidence. One of our consumer advisors therefore got in touch with the lady’s local environmental health team so that they could store the case in case it was required for tests.

“This is an important illustration of how the UK European Consumer Centre collaborates with enforcement agencies both in the UK and elsewhere in the EU. Enforcement authorities in Europe play an important role in ensuring consumers’ rights, both at national and cross-border levels.”

Self-help section

We understand that it can be difficult to find the time to contact us, it is possible to help yourself out of a sticky situation.  For more information about online purchases please visit our page -  Buying goods for an over view of your consumer rights.

If you need to write a formal letter to the company you can download a template letter here - Faulty goods

If all else fails contact us for free advice and assistance on 01268 886690 or [email protected]

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