Consumer feedback received by the UK ECC shows a 93 per cent customer satisfaction rate for January to end March 2019, one of the highest ratings recorded by the service.

Andy Allen, service director at the UK ECC, said: “Our recent figures show the service provided to UK consumers by this team is of paramount importance. Without it, tens of thousands would be left without a means to redress or guidance and with nobody to turn to. This go-to service, which started in 2007, helps thousands of consumers and the feedback speaks for itself.”

Every year UK consumers find themselves in dispute with EU companies over problems with purchases such as timeshares and discount holiday clubs and the resale of both), transport (including air travel and car rental) and recreation and culture (including 'sold-out ticket' events).

Here are just a few of the recent comments in our online survey made by UK consumers using our service:

  • Excellent service overall.
  • Before we made contact with the UK ECC, the store would give no assistance whatsoever. After receiving your advice, we are now looking forward to some sort of recognition to our complaint. We, the small fry, need such organisations as yourselves for the legal advice such as the advice you have given us. Many thanks Just continue your good work. We do need you.
  • Excellent help. Really. Very good indeed. Invaluable service.