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Not everybody is as reliable as Santa!

Not everybody is as reliable as Santa!
The UK European Consumer Centre (UK ECC) is advising UK consumers to follow its Christmas shopping hints to reduce the risk of becoming one of its post-Christmas statistics. It wants UK consumers to become more confident Christmas shoppers!Every year after Christmas, the UK ECC receives complaints about Christmas gifts – either about presents that don’t work, aren’t what was ordered or worse still, simply don’t arrive.Andy Allen, Service Director at the UK ECC, said: “It’s undeniably true that not everyone is as reliable as Santa! Christmas can be a busy and stressful time and if consumers are unlucky, they can...
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Holiday fraud is increasing

Holiday fraud is increasing
Fraudsters stole more than £7 million from unsuspecting holidaymakers and other travellers in 2018, a new report from Action Fraud, the national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre, reveals. This increased from £6.7 million in 2017. Now Action Fraud has joined forces with other organisations (ABTA – The Travel Association, Action Fraud and Get Safe Online) to warn the public about the dangers posed by holiday fraud and give advice on how to spot and avoid travel related fraud. The report details the most commonly targeted areas of travel and the methods used by unscrupulous criminals to defraud the travelling public.
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Why the UK ECC works

Why the UK ECC works
Companies respond positively to the UK European Consumer Centre’s involvement for a number of reasons. Andy Allen, service director at the UK ECC, said: “Sometimes traders respond to the UK ECC positively because there has been a lack of knowledge within the company about consumer rights which we are able to rectify, and sometimes it’s because the language and geographical barriers which exist for consumers are reduced when we are involved.  “The UK ECC service is fair and companies may respond because we are a professional and trusted brand delivered by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Companies may also respond to us...
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Storytelling that isn't the truth!

Storytelling that isn't the truth!
It’s not only fictional characters like Pinocchio who have a tendency not to be completely honest – traders can be guilty of that too.As a consumer advice service helping UK consumers in dispute with traders elsewhere in the EU, we sometimes hear that traders have been telling some pretty tall tales when customers complain.When you’re buying goods or services anywhere in the European Union, you have certain rights if things go wrong. But having those rights, and making them work for you can be two different things. In some cases, consumers may be given inaccurate or confusing information about their...
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